Hvem bruger Multilayer Skum?

Who Uses Multilayer Foam?
Multilayer Foam is for anyone that needs to organise and / or protect equipment / tools. Our customers range from corporates such as Siemens, Red Bull and Lufthansa through to individuals like Thomas the Handyman..

Red Bull hosts and sponsors many sporting events around the world, requiring the Red Bull team to each time take sensitive and expensive equipment, such as HD film equipment, with them on the road, air and sea. Once on the ground they have minimal time to setup, so it is critical that equipment has had the highest degree of protection during shipment, and everything is where it should be.

Lufthansa aircraft maintenance engineers on the other hand don’t use Multilayer Foam for shipping. Instead, Multilayer Foam is used for tool control. As you can imagine, losing tools whilst working on an aircraft would be a costly exercise with planes likely to be grounded until such time the tools are found. Having an insert into a foam board for every tool piece allows you to visually identify If at the end of a job a tool is missing which should be cause for alarm.

Handyman, car mechanics or even the home workshop are no different. A need to be able to visually identify if a tool is not where it should be will save you a lot of wasted effort trying to find tools the next day.

Another category of users of Multilayer Foam is start-up companies that manufacture small products. Presenting their products to potential customers requires professional looking cases with foam inserts. Many turn to our Multilayer Foam to develop their own foam inserts.

Lastly there is the hobbyists. People like photographers or rifle owners that need to protect their valued equipment.
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