Hvad er MLF?

What is Multilayer Foam?
Multilayer Foam (MLF) is made from Polyethylene which is the same material that companies use to make precision cut foam inserts using commercial CNC or waterjet equipment. Polyethylene is a dense material which means the foam is extremely durable and long lasting compared to other foams and provides far greater shock absorption to keep your equipment safe. Polyethylene is also “closed cell” which means it is waterproof and not impacted by humidity or moisture..

Normally Polyethylene foam is purchased in large single layer blocks that you have to cut all the way through. Not very convenient given that now you have to have an additional foam block underneath to protect the bottom of your equipment.

This is where Multilayer Foam is different.
As the name suggests Multilayer Foam consists of multiple layers of foam, each of 5mm in depth. The layers are bound together through a heat treatment and not glued. So, with each layer only being 5mm deep you can now get the exact depth of foam you require by simply tearing off a layer of foam.


But the true value of Multilayer foam is that from a single block you can cut to the depth required for each of the items you need to place in the Multilayer Foam block. No need for multiple blocks of foam anymore! Even if a single piece of equipment has multiple depths with Multilayer Foam it is easy to cut different depths for different parts of the equipment.

Consider the orange laser reader below in the Multilayer Foam cut-away. The laser reader has three different depths (the handle, the trigger and the head). With Multilayer Foam you just cut deep enough for the three different depths. That is not possible with other foams where you would need to cut all the way through the foam sheet then have another foam sheet to protect the equipment at the bottom.

From picture below with the equipment removed you can clearly see the different depths cut not just for different pieces of equipment but for individual pieces with different depths also. No more parts of equipment not being protected!.

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