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Multilayer Foam Versus Other Foam Options


What makes Multilayer Foam so much more versatile and cost effective compared to other foam options? Let’s do some comparisons.
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Multilayer Foam Versus Pick and Pluck (Cubed) Foam
Pick and Pluck Foam goes by many names including Cubed Foam, Diced Foam and Pre-Scored Foam. If you have ever bought a case or a piece of luggage and it came with foam than more than likely it was Pick and Pluck Foam.




The way Pick and Pluck foam works is that it is pre-scored into little cubes and you simply “pluck” out the cubes one by one to fit the size of the equipment / tools you want to fit into the foam. There are a number of issues associated with this foam:


• Pick and Pluck is an “open cell” foam which means it is not waterproof and will absorb moisture caused by humidity. Multilayer Foam, however, is a “closed cell” foam which means water / moisture cannot penetrate, making the foam immune to humidity


• Pick and Pluck is a soft foam and therefore not going to do much to protect your equipment / tools from shock etc. Nor is it going to do much to help you organise your equipment. Even though its relatively expensive, because it is a soft foam Pick and Pluck foam will not last very long. Multilayer Foam is a dense foam and therefore protects your equipment / tools from shock and will last you for many years to come.


• With Pick and Pluck Foam you cannot control how deep you want to go. You “pluck” out a cube and it goes right through to the bottom of the foam sheet. That means you need a second sheet of foam to protect the bottom of your equipment. To overcome this some people cut the small cubes into smaller pieces and glue these back into the main sheet! A very painful exercise given all the other shortcomings of Pick and Pluck Foam. With Multilayer Foam there are no such issues. Cut as shallow or as deep as you need for each piece of equipment / tools you are trying to protect without the need for a second sheet.


• Pick and Pluck does not give you the accuracy. The accuracy is determined by the size of the cubes. So, you will never be able to achieve a very accurate fit for your equipment / tools. With Multilayer Foam the accuracy of fit to protect your equipment / tools is controlled by you. Even the smallest indentation in your equipment / tools can be handled by Multilayer Foam which means you that everything you want to protect fits snugly inside the foam.


Multilayer Foam Vs Standard Polyethylene Foam.
As the name suggests Standard Polyethylene Foam is made from Polyethylene, which is the same material that Multilayer Foam is constructed from.


PE Foam


The big difference between Standard Polyethylene Foam and Multilayer Foam is that Standard Polyethylene Foam comes in single block whereas Multilayer Foam is ofcourse layered. The problem with a single block is (1) You have to cut all the way through. That means you need to purchase a second block to protect the equipment from the bottom or if you are creating a tool insert you need the second block so your tools don’t fall out the other side! (2) Because it is not layered you cannot achieve different depths to protect your equipment.


Multilayer Foam Vs Professionally Made Foam Inserts.
There is no doubt about it. If you want the best solution, then outsource it to a company that has designers and the right equipment. We can certainly help you with this using our 4 CNC machines and our dedicated design team.


But this solution is not cheap if you only want 1 or 2 pieces. There is a lot of labour involved. You will likely need to send us the equipment you want put into the foam so that we can do exacting design work. We then send you the design drawings for approval before we cut the foam. We then program the CNC machine for your foam inserts and start the cutting process. Finally, we ship everything back to you.


For larger quantities, 10 pieces or up of the same design, then this becomes very cost effective but for small quantities this may not work out favourably economically. .


Multilayer Foam Vs Other Layered Foam Inserts
There are other layered foams on the market. One of the more popular ones in the US is Kaizen Foam. It is available in limited quantities in Europe and very expensive. There are others but many have shortcomings ranging from the type of materials they use, through to the limited number of layers they have. The more layers you have the greater the cutting accuracy to achieve the required cutting depth.
Still not convinced? Then why not buy a small sample box at cost price HERE
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