Economical Standard Size Multilayer Foam Sheets

Here you will find our standard size sheets. Sizes have been selected based on the most popular sizes requested by customers. Choose different depths and different colour combinations.

Custom Size Multilayer Foam Sheets

Choose the length, width and depth that you need and we will custom manufacture the sheet(s) for you. Please note that custom sheets will work out more expensive than standard sheets

Peli Cases With Multilayer Foam

We have selected the most Popular Peli case models and developed Multilayer Foam inserts specific for those cases. Here you can buy both the case and the Multilayer Foam. No longer is cheap Pick and Pluck foam your only option

Peli Case Multilayer Foam Inserts

Already have a Peli case? Why not buy Multilayer Foam as your replacement foam

Egg Crate Foam

Ideal as lid inserts of cases.

Til Top